Well, we first viewed our new place last June and really didn’t think that we would ever be able to manage to pull off getting it – but we did :-). I have to confess to the fact that I still walk around with an inane grin on my face – which our new neighbours probably find a bit strange, but it’s just because I’m so happy to be here. I’m loving the silence at night, broken only by the soothing sounds of the owls hooting to each other from their trees. The early morning is a different matter though, as the crowing cockerel cacophony starts early doors – might be time to have a bit of a cockerel sort out!

The animal numbers are starting to mount; we’ve managed to get the pigs out into their new home, so they’re enjoying rooting up bramble roots and the field in general; we’ve got a lot of chickens now and it will soon be time for the Goose Fair in Buckland Newton and we’re going, but don’t tell my hubby!  You can read more about this here on my blog.

It’s been a bit stressy-busy at work for the last few weeks, even more so than normal, so I’ve also discovered that coming home in daylight and taking five minutes to explore the happenings of the day in the garden has a wonderfully restorative effect. We moved in last November, so the garden has just been “there” during our first few months – but now the hidden treasure bulbs are springing through from their winter slumber and I discover a new plant or bud every day! I’ll take some pictures and start tracking what’s going on as I’m sure the changing garden vistas are going to be beautiful.

The veggie garden we’ve inherited needs some sorting out as well, but there’s all sorts of plants springing through – I really do think I need to find someone to give us some advice before we start ripping up things we shouldn’t.

It feels like it’s been a bit of a dark winter this year, the stirrings of Spring promise haven’t come a moment too soon, and I’m looking forward to discovering more about our new home as it all unfolds.