Well, I can hardly believe that we’ve been at Beetham Farm for over a year now! I think I might have to do a 2011 picture blog at some point to catch you all up on what’s been going on.  There’s lots of changes afoot and at the moment I am busy planning all the various threads of our lives for 2012 – but more of that later ;-)

For now, I’m pleased to report that 2012 has started in the way we mean to go on – immersing ourselves more in country life.  Hubby has had a week off and has been revelling in the fact that he’s had lots of time out and about on the farm – and I’m loving the fact that my list of jobs for him is finally going down.

Yesterday was fabulous weather in Somerset, which was a stroke of luck for hubby as he was off on a hedge laying course in a nearby village.  We’re based on the Blackdown Hills, which is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty http://www.blackdownhillsaonb.org.uk/ and  there are a number of organisations who dedicate their time to improving the area and maintaining traditional skills.  One such organisation is the Blackdown Hills Hedging Association and he had booked to go on their introductory course (for more details click here http://bhha.info/pg/hlc/main.aspx).  He had a great day out on the hills and came back full of enthusiasm for hedge laying.

It’s important to have a range of habitats across the holding to encourage all the different species, and as Beetham has not been touched for about 15 years, we have got a lot of wildlife which we want to help conserve.  We will be keeping some hedges wild and woolly but others will be laid.  We’re learning as we go and we’ve got some great people working with us, so it’s all a great big adventure!

Here’s some hedge pictures for you:

The hedge at the end of the course Ancient boundary

The Wild and Woolly hedge

Ancient boundary