Whilst waiting around for to pick DS2 up from a party, we decided to go to Town Mill Bakery in Lyme Regis for a cuppa and a cake – what a great choice!  It’s tucked away down a little side street and is very unpretentious, but really it doesn’t need to be – the food and service says it all. Long tables and benches overlook an open kitchen area where you can see everything being prepared – always a good sign.  There are bowls of butter and jam on the tables, so you go up to the counter and select your cake or a slice of toasted speciality bread and come back, sit down and take great delight in adding copious amounts of peanut butter or jam.  You can order coffee, tea and delicious apple juice from nearby North Perrott Fruit Farm.  There’s also a great lunchtime menu and you can buy bread, jam and peanut butter to take away.  All too soon it was time to go and pick up, but we will be returning and in the mean time, we just had to buy some peanut butter and jam to keep us going. Websites : www.townmillbakery.com & www.parrettbrand.co.uk