At the end of September, we were treated to a glorious sunny Sunday and I remembered that there was a recreation of an Iron Age settlement nearby that day, which had been organised by the Blackdown Hills AONB. We meandered over there with some friends of ours and they had obviously had a busy day as they were almost out of information packs. It was a bit surreal as we wandered through a field gateway and there was a settlement on the other side of the field, The weird thing is that it looked like it really belonged there – I guess it’s part of that timeless quality which I think the Blackdown Hills are full of.

A lot of work had gone into building the settlement, they had built a replica of a shelter and were busy making iron in a clay and mud chimney. There was also spoon carving and whittling to have a go at – the boys were delighted. I was really pleased to see that, although they were very careful to explain the safety aspects, the kids were allowed to get involved and whittle some sticks.

The settlement had been set up right beside a thick copse, which the boys gravitated towards like bees round a honeypot – along with all the other children. It probably doesn’t get much better than mud, trees and sticks for kids – so there was lots of running around and generally being kids. My friend and I decided that we would copy all the other parents and take the opportunity to sit and watch the world go by in the sunshine – sublime!