Oh, the delights of an evening walk which doesn’t involve rain!  No muddy dogs when we got back – and even the cat came along for her evening perambulation.

This evening, it was glorious sunshine and we went round all the fields and into the little copse corner – where we were greeted by the sight of all these glorious primroses.  The copse was cleared of dead branches last winter, so there is a lot more light getting in this year, and it looks like the plants really benefited from it.


There are some heaps of logs left around in this copse to provide cover for little burrowing creatures and we noticed a really unusual fungus growing on one of them – I think we’ll have to start a fungus gallery and get people to tell us what they are!

Fungus Tree

I hope you had the chance to enjoy a bit of outdoor time today – wherever you are.  It certainly lifted my spirits to see the sunshine…