Well it’s been a little while since our last update – but hopefully the recipes have been proving useful, and we have been busy while we’ve been away.

cowsThe Dexter cows have been moved into their winter quarters and I’m sure that they’re glad to be out of the screaming wind!  Dexters are hardy cows and would cope quite well with over-wintering outside – but the shed’s there and I’m sure they will appreciate it.  You will notice that the calves are still with their mothers, this is because we leave them together as long as we can – we’re not a milking herd so the calves can take advantage of their mother’s milk and grow big and strong.  We normally separate them a couple of months before the cows calve again – so that they have a chance to have some quiet time before they get their next calf.

fenceThe chaps at SJ Contracting, who are our fabulous fencers extraordinaire , spent the Autumn clearing Freshmoor – our SSSI land – which should hopefully provide a nicer habitat for all the birds, bees and butterflies later on this year.  Then they moved on to building us a better cattle handling system, as our old one was a bit cobbled together and didn’t really do much to help handle the cows.  This has incorporated all their experience of how to efficiently handle cows and will allow us to pen them and gradually reduce the size of the pen to move them down the Race (the corridor bit) into the Crush (not as bad as it sounds – it just holds them safely while the Vet or whoever examines or works with them) – much safer for cows and humans!

nestWe seemed to have a lot of wasps around in the Summer – but never really managed to track down where they came from.  However, when we were moving the dog run we found this very neatly built structure tucked away in the roof – so that’s obviously where they were.  Luckily we don’t put the dogs in the run very often – so they weren’t at close quarters with the wasps.



beefWe had a great response to our first beef boxes – thanks to everyone who supported us and gave us some really great feedback.  Lots of people were really surprised by how tasty the beef was – Dexter is renowned for being tasty beef, and we age it for 28 days before it is butchered, so that really adds to the taste.  It’s not a cheap way to raise beef as we keep the cows longer and then when they are sent on – by aging the meat, we reduce moisture and therefore weight of the beef.  So it’s never going to be the cheapest meat you eat – but we would hope that it’s some of the best!