After such a wet winter, a sunny February day is a cause for celebration, which combined with the fact that my Christmas present camera need to have a maiden voyage outside, led me snapping away across the fields.

It never ceases to amaze me how the scenery around the farm can change so much with the seasons, yet at the same time purvey a real sense of timelessness.  Lots of people who come here feel the peace and sense of retreat that Beetham seems to hold, and try as I might, I’m not yet skilled enough with the camera to capture it.  I’ll keep trying…

For those of you who have looked at the farm pictures posted earlier, you will notice a few more fences, we’re gradually making the fields secure – but have maintained a wild walkway round the edges to allow animals to make their way in safety, and for humans to move round without bothering the livestock.  We’ve also started renovating the pond in the wild flower meadow and hope to see more dragonflies there this year.

Next on the agenda is creating Fox Knox – to protect the chickens from the foxes, I’m down to one lonely hen at the moment, so we need to secure the run before I find her some friends.  She is valiantly laying an egg a day, but we need more than that!

Click the photos below to bring up the larger versions :)

2014-02-16 10.29.08
2014-02-16 10.20.43
2014-02-16 10.19.24
2014-02-16 10.11.24
2014-02-16 10.04.37 - Copy
2014-02-16 10.01.32 - Copy 2014-02-16 09.57.30
2014-02-16 09.57.49
2014-02-16 10.01.32 - Copy
2014-02-16 10.02.24

2014-02-16 10.01.32 - Copy