Well, the sunny weekend prompted lots of activity here.  We went round and picked up branches that had fallen, scraped the cow shed out, Grandma weeded the garden with her little helpers and Mr W decided to move the sheep.  We’re hoping that the Jacob sheep (white with brown patches) and one of the Zwartbles (dark brown) are in lamb, so we’re moving them onto a new field to get some nicer grass.

Mr W religiously gives the sheep a bit of feed each evening, so now they’ll follow him and his bucket anywhere.  So with a strategically positioned child or two to block a gap, we opened gates and they were off – onto pastures new.

As you can see the new camera had another outing – although at one point, himself was heard to mutter “Oi Bo Peep, less of the photos and a more of the herding please!” Pfffttt…how very dare he, I’m not sure he realises that I may have an unflattering photo or two of him – any more of that and I’ll be sharing them on the blog ;-)

bf1  bf2