As we roll round into May and wonder where the year has gone so far, our little farm is brimming with activity, with new lambs; the cows coming out of their winter quarters and beautiful bluebells everywhere.

We put the cows out a few weeks ago and this weekend it was time to move them onto a new field of grass, as always Mr W was ably assisted by the miniature farmers and the cows were tempted across with a bit of extra hay  – the grass is starting to come in and it will soon be time to separate the calves into a different field so that the cows have time to rest before they calve again later in the year.

2014-05-04 12.15.06Our Jacob ewes went off to see a very handsome ram last year and a few weeks ago, we had our first ever lambs born on the farm – one of the ewes had triplets and they really are very sweet.

Lambs 290414Our young stock (about 18 months old) went up onto the Freshmoor SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) fields, as we graze them there during certain months of the year.  Dexter cows are very good convertors of rough grassland, which is what makes them the ideal cows for us to keep, in addition, their smaller size means that they don’t poach (make holes) in the ground as much as bigger cattle would.  This is a picture of Maryann’s calf, who will be joining the herd as one of our breeding cows next year – she’s looking like she’ll throw some nice calves in a year or so.

2014-05-05 09.51.09

With lots going on at work as well as on the farm, we can sometimes to forget to enjoy our beautiful surroundings, so one of our Beetham Betters this year (it’s our version of New Year’s Resolutions!) was to make the time to just spend time together – so we took an hour or so out at the weekend and went down to a little copse at the bottom of the farm and just sat there watching the world go by…youngest son collected some leaves and sticks and made a little nature picture and photographed it himself.  16 year old Harvey dog was positively puppy-like in the Bluebells…and of course, on the way back to the house, we just had to fit in some time for a quick swing on the tree swing.

2014-05-04 11.31.57
2014-05-04 12.11.43
2014-05-04 12.15.12

We hope you had a lovely weekend in the sunshine too x