Here at Beetham Farm, we started out buying meat from local smallholders for our own consumption about 15 years ago, we liked the fact that we knew where the meat came from and that it tasted so much better than we had been used to.  Then we were inspired to raise our own pigs by the BBC2 programme, “It’s not Easy Being Green” as we watched the Strawbridge family relocate to Cornwall and start raising their own meat and live a more sustainable life.   We went on one of the courses that the Strawbridge’s held at Newhouse Farm in Cornwall and ended up appearing in Series 2, where Dick and James helped us set up the pig pen and ark.
We raised the animals and took them to slaughter and then had the meat professionally butchered.  We loved worked as a family to raise the pigs, and despite Mrs W’s initial reservations about sending them for slaughter – knowing that they had enjoyed a longer and well-pampered life balanced the equation of being meat-eaters for us.
This carried on for a few years, a couple of pigs and a couple of sheep a year and then three years ago, we moved to Beetham Farm.  Mr W’s family had been Somerset farmers for generations and he went to Agricultural College, so the fact that we now have 30 acres of land opened up all sorts of possibilities.  More sheep, pigs and chickens arrived, and then in 2011 we established the Peddy herd, with the kind assistance of Mr W Senior.
We are only a small farm and we don’t want to become too intensive, so we will only have occasional batches of meat for sale, which we will offer first to our regular customers and then advertise on the website.
We have:
  • Saddleback pigs
  • Zwartble, Jacob and Dorset Sheep
  • Dexter Cows
Each of which we have chosen to raise for the quality of the meat they produce, and the fact that they are lovely to have around the Farm.